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After Cairo?

Recognizing that the Middle East has buried many prophets, here are a coupole of very tentative thoughts about where the revolution in Egypt is headed, its impact on the region, and how our govenrment may be responding. Continue reading

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Exit Keith Olbermann

Is Keith Olbermann’s removal a sign that the radical right is aiming for a monopoly in TV’s talk show industry? And if so, what does that signify? Continue reading

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Who Owns Human Rights?

Who has the right to define human rights? The prevailing view in the USA is that the UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights is the gold standard. But others, like the Chinese, disagree. I offer one humanist’s view… Continue reading

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Entropy and Life

Regard life as a principle whose prime agent is evolution, that creates complexity out of simplicity. Think of it as the polar opposite of entropy. Doesn’t this duality between entropy and life provide a sounder basis for a modern world view than the older religions? Continue reading

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