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Gun Control, A Different View

How can we head off future schoolside massacres by deranged students? It isn’t just by legislating more gun control. There’s a need for alertness and preventive action that can and must begin at home. Continue reading

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Syria is a place where our idealism crashes on the hard rocks of sectarian reality. Supporting a gradual, phased evolution seems wisest. Continue reading

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In Defence of Group Selection

How do human societies and social groups begin, grow, interact with each other, and eventually fade away? Would it be useful to have a global theory explaining this process, similar to the way Darwinian natural selection theory explains biological evolution? Continue reading

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Persuasion versus Coercion

Persuasion is generally ok, coercion is not. Philanthropy can be a tricky business; the donor should try to see himself as the recipient sees him. The Komen case and a current spat with Egypt are cases in point. Continue reading

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Advice for a Declining Superpower

We need to play the influence game more intelligently if our long term strategy is to succeed. More brains, less brawn. Continue reading

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