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I have written two hard cover books and three pocket-size ones, mostly anthologies. lists them all except the earlier hard cover one, plus various articles and reviews, plus a book by Daniel Bliss of the American University of Beirut that I edited. You can access them under my name, Carl Coon. Here are the titles:

One Planet, One People: Beyond “Us vs. Them”. Prometheus, September 2004
Comprehensive statement of progressive humanism.

From the Heartland (paperback) Five and Ten Press, 2004
Travelogue: journeys around northwestern Iran, Central Asia, Xinjiang, and Tibet

Culture Wars and the Global Village, Prometheus, 2000
An earlier statement of progressive humanism. Out of print, alas, but much of its content can be found on early essays on this site.

Sic Transit (paperback) Five and Ten press, 1999
A collection of short satirical essays, mostly humorous.

Creatures of the Earth and the Mind, (paperback) Five and Ten Press, 1998
Another collection of short essays, mostly about animals. Many are also on the website.

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  1. Michael A McMullen says:

    I think you might enjoy a completely different view of progressive humanism that recognizes and accepts that some people will always believe in God, yet they can be drawn into humanism through their belief: God, The Ultimate Humanist, (on Amazon)

    I am a humanist that believes we need all humans to be humanists, regardless of belief.

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