Afghanistan, the other surge

Today’s Christian Science Monitor (per Truthout) reports that during several attacks during the last twenty-four hours, the Taliban managed to kill another eight American soldiers. The report suggests that this is consistent with a buildup in the scale and effectiveness of such attacks that is becoming increasingly apparent.

In recent months our strategy has been well publicized: we commit a substantial number of additional troops in order to hurt the enemy enough so that he will be disposed to quit, or at least negotiate on our terms. We call it “the surge”, which worked, at least in theory, in Iraq.

It looks like Taliban is giving us its answer. They can surge too. Given the terrain, our logistic problems, and the other major factors, and the nature of our adversary, it looks to be a tough year ahead for our GI’s. The end result has to be coming to the negotiating table, and when that happens, which surge will prove to have been more effective? I don’t know. And which surge will have cost more? That is not in doubt.

Define “victory”. And at what price?

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