Are we running out of gas in Afghanistan?

It looks like the Pakistanis are better chess players than we are.

We see a problem in Pakistan, or rather an interconnected bunch of problems, that are interfering with our prosecuting our war against the Taliban in the style and manner to which we have become accustomed. So, we devise various ways to press the GOP to be more cooperative. We succeed to the extent that we annoy the people we ought to be working with to the extent that they decide “the hell with it, these people aren’t being reasonable, maybe if we squeeze them where it hurts they will lay off”. Pretty soon we have tanker trucks lined up almost the whole way from Torkham to Karachi, and some of them are on fire. And gasoline delivered to our fighters in Afghanistan was already costing about $800 a gallon.

We should have foreseen this Pakistani option. We should have foreseen a whole lot of other possible moves on the chessboard, some of which have not yet been made. If we were good chess players, we would have resigned, quite a few moves ago.

It is not too late to quit now, before our war there runs completely out of gas.

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