Bibi and Barack, the truth comes out

MJ Rosenberg is right. Barack was so anxious to finesse the settlements issue till after the elections that he offered to give away the store in return. He even promised to stop badgering Israel about the issue at all, if Bibi would just give him that two month delay.

Bibi told him to stuff it, making it as clear as possible without saying so explicitly that he is gambling on Obama losing the House in the next election and getting rid of him entirely in 2012.

If Obama continues to grovel between now and the election, he is a craven nitwit. He only has one good option, and that is to fight back, starting now. After all he is certainly going to stay on in the White House for two more years, at least. There is a lot he can do in that period to give Bibi grief, and in the process bring the Israeli mainstream to its senses. He can start with canceling those goodies we are giving Israel that are so complex that noone in either country can understand them except the few fiscal and technical geniuses that concocted them. Complex ways of giving the Israelis lots more aid than shows on the surface, technical arrangements about sensitive spy arrangements, and quiet diplomacy worldwide. The American public won’t wake up to all this until after the election but Bibi will get the message. And if in the meantime Bibi gets annoyed, what can he do to Obama that he hasn’t already begun doing? He cannot complain about new measures Obama is taking against him if he doesn’t want the goodies involved made public, so let him stew.

It’s his turn.

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