Gaza Flotilla, Act I Scene 2

Well, folks, the Israeli fleet has intercepted the Gaza flotilla and the dead and wounded are being shipped to Israel, along with the rest of the party. I advised you that this would turn into an interesting story, and here we are, in the middle of Act I.

Act II will involve universal condemnation of Israel (outside the USA) and the almost certain serious deterioration of Israel’s relations with its former friend Turkey, the only regional power with the military muscle to stand up to Israeli pressures. Turkey is our NATO ally. Hillary’s staff must be agonizing over the worst-case scenario, where we are forced to make a choice. Congress and the White House should be losing some sleep over this as well.

Act III could well mark the final unraveling of our role as world leader if we continue to chuck our feisty little mistress in the Eastern Med under the chin, and promise to give her whatever her little heart desires.

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