Gaza Flotilla finally breaks into the US media!

Since my last post on this subject I have been “googling” it from time to time, and watched the excitement mount as the multinational flotilla of ships bearing aid to Gaza takes shape and sets sail south towards its destination. It is headline news in countries like Ireland, Sweden, and the Netherlands, as well as nearer neighbors like Greece and Turkey. It is abundantly evident, as literally hundreds of news dispatches from all over much of the world testify, that this is a humanitarian effort, not a political one, and that it has captured the imagination of much of that 95% of humanity that is not part of our country, or Israel.

Now, today, NPR has picked up on the subject, quoting an Israeli statement that the ships will be met and led to Israeli ports where the cargo will eventually be forwarded to Gaza, except for contraband items; meanwhile the passengers will be sent home. The Israeli minister who made the statement sounds like a schoolmaster reproaching some errant students. Within Israel, some concern is being expressed about a possible “public relations fiasco”. Nowhere, as far as I can tell, is anyone in either of our two countries wondering what has been going on in Gaza that has caused all this commotion.

Our mainstream media have failed the American public once again. If you doubt me, just try googling Gaza Flotilla and check out what is happening in the rest of the world’s press, which appears ever so much more free than ours!

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