Our veto in the Security Council

When we vetoed the resolution on Israeli settlements in the UN Security Council, something that had been pretty clear before became crystal clear, at least to the rest of the world. No more fig leaf, no more excuses, we now stand naked before the eyes of the rest of humanity. It is now commonly understood that at all times, under all imaginable circumstances, when little Israel cracks the whip, the American colossus obeys.

Most Americans probably won’t be aware of the extent to which our nation has humiliated itself in the eyes of the rest of humanity, for our press will play the event down. Outside our borders the reaction will be more severe. There will be a slow burn as former friends and allies come to recall this signal event as a tipping point, a sign that the US can be taken as a reliable partner only in Tel Aviv. As for NATO, a process of erosion already begun will accelerate with ramifications in many fields, starting with Afghanistan. Pivotal nations like Turkey will be more inclined to pursue independent policies, ignoring our interests. Our adversaries, of course, will have a field day exploiting the propaganda coup we just handed them.

It can be argued that the intrinsic importance isn’t all that great, and the whole issue is more a matter of symbolism than substance. But symbols can be important too. I predict that future historians will mark this event as the moment when the sun began to set over the American Empire that emerged after World War II. I foresee that eventually even the most fogbound and patriocentric of our descendants will feel a tinge of remorse at this most dishonorable way we chose to leave center stage.

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  1. Tauth says:

    Wow, good reporting. I heard about this vote first from you here. I didn’t see it on CNN or the NYTimes. Now that I look on Aljazeera, I see it’s there too of course, and it does indeed look bad for us. The vote was 14 to 1 with all of Europe against our position.


    • nassif moharib says:

      shame on USA for its clear dishonesty
      It always make statments that the settlments are illegal &when it come to a vote USA goverment veto it hen every other country vote in favour

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  3. Ray Sherman says:

    Give ’em hell, Carl!

  4. The veto ideed worked as you said. However as an 89 rear old this comming week and a WW II veteran I am deeply troubled by the actions of my Canadian government in enacting draconian laws. I have suggested that the fascism we defeated in WW II has reared its ugly head again. It is in its early days now.
    Freedom and true democracy need defending. The major player up to now seems to be our youth. The time has come for a united peoples movement to achieve these goals.

  5. It's worse that that says:

    Carl, how do you mean, something “became clear”? The vast majority of veto uses at the UN Security Council since 1988 have been by the United States, to block resolutions critical of illegal actions by Israel. I mean literally, the vast majority. Strange the list isn’t published officially in one place on the UN website, huh? Anyone who’s sceptical of what I say, please look it up and report back here!

    • Herman King says:

      Right Carl. Doesn’t anyone remember what Ariel Sharon said on Israeli TV:WE JEWS OWN AMERICA AND AMERICA KNOWS IT. He was wrong on one count: Most Americans don’t know it. The keep their heads stuck up their rectum so they can’t see what’s right in front of them. (Like the truth about 911).

  6. Gerald Spezio says:

    In Merica & Israel everybody has a “right” to be represented by a lawyerfish.

    There is only one species of lawyerfish & only one law game inMerica.

    Israel is represented by the best & most expensive lawyerfish in Merica.

    A lawyerfish is dedicated to “giving it” to & for his client.

    Why are you surprised?

  7. Nicholas II says:

    The “dishonorable moment” actually occurred earlier — when Joe Biden went to Israel and noticed that the Israelis were building new settlements in occupied territory in violation of US-Israeli agreements. He objected that the Israelis had broken their word — only to be forced to eat his own words, apologize, and kowtow to Bibi Netanyu. Wunderkind Bibi then flew to Washington for a Congressional love fest where most of Congress swore allegience to Israel and vowed undying love for his racist state. That was the end of Amerian independence. It became clear who ran this country. No amount of chemo and radiation will excise that tumor. The message was rubbed in our faces: Never anger your parasite!

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