The time is right for Trump to lead with Nuclear disarmament

The Best Idea Ever

When Nixon went to China in 1987, he broke the mold. People were ready for the change but didn’t realize it. To grasp the idea and perceive the opportunity was brilliant, to act on it was one of those actions that changed the course of history.

The opportunity to alter the course of history that way doesn’t happen every day. But another opportunity may be here today, if we can only see it.

Nuclear disarmament still hangs over us but the world has grown accustomed to living with a tenuous peace, based on the principle of mad, or mutual assured destruction. Too many countries now have nuclear arsenals that can destroy their neighbor or neighbors. A regional power could deploy nuclear weapons in anger, and the conflict might well escalate.

President Trump has it in his power to prevent this from happening. A dramatic move to start a process aimed at universal nuclear disarmament would be welcomed by all nations and would ensure his place in history. The United States, as the world’s leading nuclear power, is the one party that can credibly lead the world away from the threat of nuclear war. Only the President has the ability to change the course of history, as Nixon did over thirty years ago.

History will never forget the leader that seized the opportunity of the moment and acted on it. America’s greatness will be assured if it rids the world of the nuclear threat. Yes, it will take negotiation, lots of it, but there will never be a better time to begin than now.

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